thy kingdom come

My Father, who art in heavenIā€™m still scared of the idea of you as father Hallowed be thy nameLet all I do be done for youAnd for your son, Jesusand the sacrifice of his precious bloodand for the Holy Spiritwho resides within me Thy kingdom comethine, not minethy will be donethine, not mine On earthwhereContinue reading “thy kingdom come”

have mercy on me for i am in need

This is another of the prayers that I have written during my recovery, when I realized that I am in need of sobriety but cannot achieve it because I sure as hell spent a good portion of my life trying. I’ve been an addict since I was a child, after all, and I had gottenContinue reading “have mercy on me for i am in need”

prayer bead prayers to recognize we are beloved of god

I used to be unable to believe that God loved me. I didn’t even love myself. I still don’t love myself. My problem isn’t that I don’t love my neighbor as myself, it’s that I don’t even love myself. I often don’t believe other people love me, either. These are prayers I wrote to beContinue reading “prayer bead prayers to recognize we are beloved of god”

step six prayers

As I work through the 12 steps, I’ve been writing prayers for many of them. Here are two prayers I wrote during step 6. Amendment of Life God, I want to recover from my addiction and all the shitty things that I do to myself and to others as part of it. I want youContinue reading “step six prayers”

praying the glorious mysteries with my kids

I hope you remember the hilarious article in which I told you all about praying the rosary with my kids. At least tonight, now that they are used to it a little more, there was no giggling and inquiring about vaginas from my adolescent son. We have gotten into more of a rhythm now, althoughContinue reading “praying the glorious mysteries with my kids”

the love and presence of jesus

Jesus, you are with me always.Through your incarnation,through your resurrection,you were fully humanyet fully divine. You were there in the past,when I went through hell,the hell of my own makingand the hell others made for me.You were there at my birth,you will be there at my death.You are here in this present moment,and the momentContinue reading “the love and presence of jesus”

the prayer of st. francis, re-written for me

I began praying the prayer of St. Francis a while ago, even though I didn’t really want to, because the way this works is that the more often I intentionally pray something, the more I just come to believe it and desire it. That’s why I talk about prayer as being spiritual formation, because itContinue reading “the prayer of st. francis, re-written for me”

rosary prayers for addicts

Earlier this week, I published a set of prayers for use with Anglican rosaries or prayer beads for LGBTQ people specifically, in Earth and Altar magazine. Those prayers were the latest prayers I had written, I have some that I wrote several months ago, that I wrote for addicts. They were the first set ofContinue reading “rosary prayers for addicts”